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Swastika Entertainment manages the Zee Mela in Ahmedabad

After the grand success of the Zee Mela in Surat, Zee TV takes the Mela to the city of Ahmedabad. The Zee Mela is an innovative mela which is set to provide fun and entertainment to its audience. The mela was held in Ahmedabad on February 13 at Paras Nagar Ground in Ahmedabad and was free for all visitors. The entire on-ground initiative for the event was managed by Swastika Entertainment.


Swastika Entertainment manages DID Doubles Inter-College competition

In order to promote Lux Dance India Dance (DID) Doubles in Ahmedabad, Zee TV is organising DID Doubles Inter College Competition in Ahmedabad. The hunt will attempt to find the best eligible pair of dancers who will be crowned the Best DID Doubles of Ahmedabad. The entire on-ground initiative is being managed by Swastika Entertainment.


Swastika Entertainment manages promotional activities for ZEE

Sanskar Laxmi launched on January 17 on Zee TV and as part of the launch promotion for the new show, the channel organised a mela, involving families, and a canter activity. On January 23 in Surat, the mela was held at T.B. Hospital ground with activities involving the entire family. The attractions at the event included a kids section with games and a general entertainment area with various stalls engaging every family member.


Swastika entertainment manages a 'door knock' activity

In order to promote the new serial Sanskar Laxmi, Zee TV had organised a 'door knock' activity in Mumbai from January 16 -17. The activity was managed on - ground by Swastika Entertainement.


Swastika Entertainment promotes 'Ram Milaye Jodi' on-ground

In order to promote Ram Milayee Jodi (RMJ) and engage the public during the occasion of Lohri, Zee TV is organising several activities across Delhi, Punjab and Haryana. The activities will be held on January 13 and will cover 25 societies in Delhi, 15 societies in Punjab and 10 societies in Haryana. The entire activity will be managed by Swastika Entertainment.


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