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Zee TV promotes Star Ya Rockstar in Delhi

Swastika Entertainment is managing a promotional event for Zee TV celebrity based singing reality show, ‘Star Ya Rockstar', at Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, Delhi, on Nov. 4. This activity aims to expose the contestants to the public and make them aware about the show and its talent.

The show will be a mix of song and dance performances and will witness performances by participants of the show - Manish Paul and Chavvi Mittal - at the event.

This activity is a part of the channel's 360 degree promotional campaign to promote the show on-ground. The setup will include a stage size of 32ft x 24ft with four side panels. Also, the rectangular truss with lights and array sounds has been set up to give the look and feel of a rockstar concert. In addition, two AV screens will be set up to give a clearer view to the audience.

Throwing some light on the event, Amit Verma, Director, Swastika Entertainment said: "We have been associated with Zee TV for a long time now. Through this event, we are targeting people from all walks of life and are looking forward to engage approximately 2,500 people. For promoting the event, the artists of the show will be visiting radio stations and publications for interviews. Along with the normal crowd, the event will witness the presence of the media and various PR agencies."

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