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Zee TV creates hype about its new show in North India

Afsar Betiya is a new show on Zee TV that went on air on Dec. 19. To publicize the same, Swastika Entertainment was roped in to promote the show in North India and Patna from Dec. 16 to Dec. 18. The show is set in Bhagalpur, Bihar and throws light on the importance of female education and the issues surrounding their education and hence, these areas were chosen. The areas covered for the activation were Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Goralhpur, Agra, Patna and Meerut.

For the event, 18 x 4 ft. and 14 x 4 ft. cutouts of the show were put up on highways, societies, colleges, schools, public areas and markets. Swastika claims that they did not conduct a regular promotion event as the channel had given them a brief on how to make the show the talk of the town. Swastika claims that placing cut-outs in prominent places had a good impact, and it was an eye-catcher due to the size.

Speaking about the event, Amit Verma, Managing Director, Swastika Entertainment said: "Placing all the cut-outs in each city was a big challenge due to foggy weather conditions. We are planning more activities to promote the show by engaging school and college students. Zee TV also plans to sponsor the less fortunate kids' education."


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