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Swastika Entertainment designs stall for Usha International

Swastika Entertainment designed the Agro Products Display Stall by Usha International Ltd. for the seven-day annual mela in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, which took place from June 26 to July 2.

Swastika fabricated stalls for Usha's power products - engines, electrical motors and pumps - which were displayed on a large scale. The products displayed at the stall were done as per the target audience. This was the best time for the company to display their products since many people visit Pandharpur at this time since it is a popular pilgrimage place.

This display was essentially an advertisement for Usha's lesser known products, and took place in order to increase the visibility of Usha Power Products. This in turn would help Usha dealers increase their sales. For all seven days, there were live demonstrations of all products at all times, or whenever required, by the staff. People could buy them on the spot too, if they wished to do so.

Commenting on the association, Amit Verma, Director, Swastika Entertainment said: "This is the first activity we did for Usha and we look forward to managing bigger projects for them in the future. They are growing stronger and we are glad to associate with them."

The event was mainly promoted through pamphlets, flyers, etc. Even during the event, flyers were distributed to make people aware of the products and their features.

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