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Toyota organizes Mega Exchange Bonanza

Toyota organized the Mega Exchange Bonanza from Dec. 15 to 23, with Swastika Entertainment appointed to manage the week-long activation across all 12 Toyota showrooms in Mumbai. The bonanza was set to facilitate sales, purchase and exchange of Toyota and non-Toyota cars. It allowed potential customers an opportunity to exchange their old cars of any make for a brand new Toyota or a competitively priced second hand Toyota car.
Swastika Entertainment was asked to execute it in such a way that the information reaches Toyota's target audience to maximise the turnout for the Toyota dealers. Keeping these things in mind in-shop branding was done in all 12 Toyota showrooms that included danglers, posters, innovative table-tops and pull-up standees which were inside and outside the showroom. A specially designed arch gate was installed in front of all the dealer's entrance gates, some of them were about 20 feet high to make them visible even from a distance to attract maximum footfall for people seeking to exchange of their cars.
To get maximum turnout and to increase the promotion reach, BTL activities were supported by newspaper advertisement and radio promotions. To reach Totyota's target audience, paper inserts were also planned for all the 12 dealers around Mumbai. While making the paper inserts, newspaper vendors carrying newspapers to all high-profile areas and posh societies having a lot of people who own cars nearby all the dealers were selected so that they could be made aware of the bonanza.
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