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International Buddhist Sangha Conference 2013 concludes

The International Buddhist Sangha Conference 2013 took place from Jan. 4 to 7 in Patna. It was attended by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and around 3000 delegates from 20 countries. The meet was hosted jointly by the State Department of Art and Culture along with the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee. Swastika Entertainment won the mandate to execute the conference.


The Buddha Statue was inaugurated at the Buddha Smriti Park by Dalai Lama and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar which was followed by collected chantings. The conference took place under a hangar setup and was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by Dalai Lama. Speeches were given by dignitaries representing various Buddhist countries and there were many academic sessions on Buddhist teachings. A set of three booklets on the contribution of Buddhist Sangha were also given out.


The tender to Swastika was issued by Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (BUIDCo). Swastika won the mandate on the basis of their concept presentation, planning, strategy of the event and cost-effective plan. Their execution involved art direction, creative designing, layout, positioning, setting up rooms and venues, making a documentary of the entire ordeal, constructing a multi-layered performance stage, customising light and sound, ambience décor, thematic event flow, etc. Even the gates, desks, and areas were designed in sync with the Buddhism theme.


Commenting on the event, Amit Verma, Director, Swastika Entertainment said: "Patna has never seen so many foreigners together. The event was enlightening and the park looked stunning. The sight of so many Buddhist monks from various countries truly was amazing. We're proud to have associated with BUIDCo, BTMC and the Department of Art and Culture for giving us an opportunity to work on this prestigious event."


Swastika started working 20 days before the event. 40 employees were deputed in Patna to work on the execution of the event. Commenting on the execution, Verma said: "Our dedicated staff worked day and night to give a refined look as promised in the plan as per the timeline. The park was spread across 28 acres and we had to decorate the entire premises, which wasn't easy. A huge list of inventories was outsourced for the smooth and timely completion of the décor. It was very tough for our crew since they had to work under temperatures of about three degrees. Despite all this, we're glad the event went smoothly as planned."




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