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Reebok India hosts annual trade show

Swastika Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. managed Annual Trade show of Reebok India Co. in Delhi on Jan. 28 at Galaxy Hotel Gurgaon. The event showcased Reebok's upcoming collection to the internal Reebok team as well as for distributors.

About 150 Reebok trade dealers along with the internal team attended the event. The gala night of the Trade show had a fashion show showcasing the new collection as well as some very unique performances bringing to life the brand positioning and the fitness element. One such performance was done by famous acrobat gymnasts 'Avijit and Tinku' who shot to fame with India's Got Talent Season 3. Since the performance had to be in sync with the brand positioning and fitness element of Reebok, both the artists were unique and talented while showcasing flexibility, agility and fitness in their acts. Hence special gymnastic performances of international level were performed by the duo.

Sohit Uniyal, General Manager, Swastika Entertainment said: "This is the first time we have worked with Reebok India Co. They have got our reference from reliable market sources, wherein we were approached to manage their entertainment programme for their annual trade show as per the brand theme. We short listed contemporary dance pair Avijit and Tinku, who are world famous for their gymnastic and acrobatic dance style, which goes with the brand theme and was best suited as per the brief."

Adding further, Uniyal said: "The main motto of these performances was to showcase the wow factor in the crowd, which the duo easily succeeded in. In this the major challenge was faced by our performers as they had to design the performances according to the theme and all these performances were on fast paced English songs, which they have never performed earlier on. The event was successful and was appreciated by the Reebok management team, wherein they also assured to work with us their upcoming projects."

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