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Toyota Kirloskar carries out activations to promote its popular cars

Toyota Kirloskar carried out mall activations for its highly popular cars Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios - Liva on April 6 and 7 at Himalaya Mall in Ahmadabad and Center Square Mall in Baroda, to tap the maximum weekend crowd. Swastika Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. executed the activations after winning the mandate for managing the activity on the basis of their competitive budget and concept brief.


The mandate given to Swastika Entertainment was to create a very neat and clean setup for the car display so that it goes well with the brand. Their role mainly included identifying the best locations for the activations, setup designing, its fabrication and installation etc.

The setup included a 20 x 20 foot size platform with a backdrop, side wings and a designer cutout of Virat Kohli which was placed in the center. Bigger standees were placed on the sides of the backdrop to ensure maximum visibility. A thematic décor was given to the entire setup keeping the quality and goodwill of Toyota as a brand in mind. The setup was placed at the center of the atrium where Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios - Liva cars were displayed to ensure maximum visibility.

The activity carried out was purely sales driven. Well trained and experienced sales team members were stationed to tap the walk in customers and to answer their queries and concerns. On the spot customer enquiries at the setup were then transferred into a database. An on the spot test drive facility was also available for interested customers.

Commenting on the objective of the activations, the spokesperson at Swastika Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. said: "The main objective behind the activations were to create awareness for the new unique features of both the cars (Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios - Liva). We wanted people to experience the same at the setup so test drives were also arranged for interested customers."

Additionally, interactive activities were carried during the activity hours. The anchors for the promotion were briefed with various informative and interesting games and quizzes which were played during the promotion of these cars to create awareness. Branded goodies and gifts were given out to the test drives and game winners.

All the interactive games played at the activations were specially designed keeping in mind the automobile industry and Toyota cars' placement in the automobile industry, so that their special features could be promoted through the games. The anchors played a big role in pulling out maximum response from the crowd. More than 2000 people were engaged with and 150 plus people were given test drives of the cars in both the locations.

Shedding some light on the outcome of the activations, the spokesperson from Swastika Entertainment said: "We got satisfying responses from both the malls. Various leads and enquiries were generated through these activities which in turn helped the dealers to increase sales of the targeted cars. We also witnessed that a good number of people were registering for the on the spot test drives to experience the look and feel of the cars. After seeing the good response from potential customers, Toyota plans to conduct many other such activities in coming months."

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