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Bigg Boss launches first ever Kannada version of the show

The inaugural season of Bigg Boss Kannada was launched at the Bigg Boss House in Lonavala recently. The show's production house Endemol India appointed Swastika Entertainment to execute the launch. Swastika is currently involved with the on-going show as well.


It is being hosted by famous Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep, who has appeared in a few Bollywood films as well. A total of 13 famous Kannada personalities were chosen to participate in the show. A TV set was made and designed specially for the shoot as the launch was telecasted on ETV - Kannada.

Since it was a TV shoot, the audience comprised people associated with the channel and the production house. Participants' arrival started two days prior to the launch as the travel plan was designed in such a way that at any given point of time no two celebrities could interact or meet each other. This was done to maintain the format and secrecy of the show. 13 different hotels in and around Lonavala were booked for the celebrities, hence providing them full secrecy. A team of two artist coordinators were with every single participant 24x7. They were then sent to the launch set, one by one, for their performances, after which they were sent back inside the house.

Most of the celebrities had a launch performance to be shot for their entry to the house. A special set was designed for the launch shoot. Rehearsals were planned a day prior to the main launch event for this. All entries and exits of all participants to the rehearsals area and performance times was planned keeping in mind the secrecy and format of the show.

Different entry points were given to all participating celebs to enter their vanity vans. The launch day event saw participating celebs coming one by one to the set for their launch performances to be shot as they had to enter the house after their performances. The entry and exit points were covered with black masking walls. It was ensured that every one had a specific entry and exit time for their vanity vans.

Commenting on the event, Amit verma, Director, Swastika Entertainment said: "We've been associated with Endemol India Pvt. Ltd. from a long time. Since it was the first season of the show, the production house wanted Swastika to manage the launch. Our role included managing the RSVP of contestants, their movement and the performance on the launch event. Our key responsibility was to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of each participant."

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