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Ditto TV organizes pan-India activation to launch itself on-ground

Ditto TV, an over-the-top (OTT) TV distribution platform launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL), is being promoted through a 90-day long pan-India on-ground activation. The activity started in Mumbai on May 23 and is being executed by Swastika Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Swastika has been working with ZEEL since a long time. Ditto TV, being a product of ZEEL, gave Swastika the brief about the platform's on ground launch. Swastika won this mandate on the basis of its creative concepts, presentation and timely delivery of technical aspects. The brief given to Swastika was to plan an activity to tap in today's young generation. Consumers with smart phones using the 3G services are being targeted in various locations like corporate parks, call centers, clubs, gymkhanas, mobile stores, electronic stores and other such verticals. The activity is covering more than 40 locations in a month.

Speaking about the activation, Manoj Padmanabhan, Senior Vice President - Marketing (Digital), Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. said: "We have planned and executed the on-ground activation for Ditto TV with a view to educate potential users about the various features of this offering. Products like Ditto TV often require a touch & feel element that can evoke the curiosity of users, and allow them an opportunity to experience the technology first-hand. This also gives us a chance to glean a lot of insights into what our current and prospective consumers most desire in products like these, what their concerns and doubts are, and how best we can address them. Having completed 1 successful year since we launched Ditto TV, we have seen a tremendous response to our service in India and globally, and we plan to conduct more of such marketing activities to further drive adoption of Ditto TV.”

Ditto TV started the activity at a call center named Spectra where the response saw increased downloads and purchase of pre-paid cards. This was followed up at 3G call centers like Paradigm A and 4th Dimension, Bandra Gymkhana and Khar Gymkhana. A designer kiosk is set up with live TV and an interactive screen to attract the audience. The kiosk consists of a plasma screen where audience can view the app running live television airing through a connected 3G enabled device.

Promoters provide useful information about the platform, explain how it works, how it is can be downloaded, etc. Along with the downloads and subscriptions, they also helped consumers understand the services it has to offer like the viewing of live channels, watching particular episodes and yesteryears programmes. The promoters helped consumers download the product on tabs, laptops, phones with most platforms. Ditto TV also sells special offer discount pre-paid cards on the locations itself.

Commenting on the activation, Amit Verma, Director, Swastika Entertainment said: "The activity is being carried out in such a way that the target audience will consume the services offered and spread awareness about the product through word of mouth. In this way our team helped in tapping a large target audience and downloading the product in their individual mobile phones, gadgets etc. Being an innovative product where people can watch live TV, we witness a good response from customers. On an average, Ditto TV's activation engages about 750 customers everyday, managing downloads by about 400 customers in the process."

Ditto TV is a platform that delivers live TV, movies and video on mobile, PC, tablet and other internet-enabled devices anytime, anywhere. It offers quality video viewing that is adapted especially to suit range of internet speed. It can be watched using 3G, wi-fi and broadband. Along with its India launch, Ditto TV is now available across the globe in all international markets like the US, UK, UAE, New Zealand, Australia and others. Currently hosting 57 live channels, Ditto TV has partnered for content with IndiaCast Media Distribution Private Limited, BIG CBS Network, Multi Screen Media (Sony Entertainment Television), TAJ TV Limited, TV Today Network and BBC among others.

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