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Participants of dance reality show Dance India Dance used flash mob as a medium to promote their show. Ritika Arora reports


The success and popularity of CST flash mob, Mumbai has inspired people so much that now the method is being used for promotional purposes as well. An act, where a group of people assemble at a public place and perform something unusual, is often used as a medium to convey social messages, but the participants of famous dance reality show Dance India Dance used it as a medium to promote the show which is to go on air in its next season soon. The organisers took note that the first highly awaited flash mob in Central Delhi failed due to cops intervention and therefore they had everything organised at Rajouri Garden main market.

While some of the store owners were still opening the shops and the crowd just started to pour in, a group of 60 youngsters arrived and almost surprised everyone present there. Even before they could take their positions, the performers were surrounded by the eager and enthusiastic crowd who were ready to shake a leg with them on the tunes of Dhinka Chika. In just five minutes the group concluded their performance with the title track of the show, and the purpose was solved and the message conveyed. All those who were a part of this flash mob said they will now wait to watch more fun and drama on screen.

“It is a western concept but now it has become popular in India. It not only provides a wonderful chance to youngsters to show their talent to the world, but also it’s a nice way to dance and enjoy with people from different walks of life. It was one way to invite people to celebrate with us,” said Dhiraj Singh, the organiser and event manager at Swastika Entertainment. He added, “The channel, Zee TV approached us with the concept, and we started preparing for the show. The performers rehearsed day and night and finally made it possible.” And did they face any difficulty with the permissions from the cops? “We spoke to Rajouri Garden’s president, Davinder S Nagpal. He handled things brilliantly and helped us getting permission from the cops.”

Monu Thakur, the choreographer, informed that his team spent sleepless nights to make the show a success. On what basis did he choose the songs? “We randomly selected some sizzling Bollywood numbers. We wanted to involve more and more people and therefore chose some really popular songs,” he told.

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Daily Pioneer

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