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VSD - Verma Shyamdulari Mahavidyalaya college is affiliated to Veer Bahadur Singh PurvanchalUniversity, Jaunpur , Uttar Pradesh , India. It was Entablished on 13th October 2007 by its Founder Mr. Om PrakashVerma.

Verma Shyamdulari Mahavidyalaya, affiliated by UP Government since 16th June 2010, is located 30km North from the District Azamgarh Head Quarter

About VSD

A positive attitude towards change and learning is critical to a person's effectiveness - both in professional and personal life. It is this fact that has defined VSD's approach to eduction where modernity blends with tradition, where students are inspired to learn and realize their aspirations.

VSD is committed to instilling high standards of discipline, ethics and values amongst its students. A unique institution on account of its self chosen autonomy, VSD is dynamic as ever, keeping pace with a constantly changing environment.

Founder desk:

Welcome to this virtual visit to our vibrant VSD "Verma Shyamdulari Mahavidyalaya" campus ! I have taken the initiate of putting a foundation of this college  to take the education Programs here to greater heights in becoming truly global and in aiming for excellence and on-going relevance. We aim to help our students be the best they can be, and to empower our faculty to give their best and be leaders in Education.

Coming to VSD is not like going to any other campus. The experience you will have here will be very special and rigorous! Our aim is to develop highly sought after, employable graduates who will lead and be real innovators, wherever they go.  We have begun the process of  exploring collaborations with Universities and with Faculty in different parts of the world. We have a team of core faculty who work tirelessly in dedicated and innovative ways to bring out the best in our students and help them realize their professional aspirations and their potentials.

Our methodologies of learning are very experiential and practical, and stimulate the student to think and contribute creatively. Our emphasis is on character and personality building and on developing excellent communicators, who are competitive in the national arena. We are aspiring to have all our students an inclination towards cultural programs and personality building to have an edge over others, and be an asset to the companies that hire them.

All students will have a Faculty Advisor to guide them in their career aspirations. They are evaluated on behavioral and character traits of Integrity, Keeping Commitments,  Meeting Deadlines, Communicating Confidently and Effectively, as well as on their inclinations and actions towards their social and human responsibilities. Teamwork is a large part of our culture.

I am proud to welcome you to explore our campus, virtually and in person. I look forward to meeting you if you stop by while I am here. You will be very welcome. We, at VSD have open doors, for our students and for the world.

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